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What to Know About Implant Revision and Replacement

Posted April 24, 2018 in Breast Revision

Dr Cohn Breast Aug Revision PatientBreast augmentation has been the most commonly desired and performed cosmetic enhancement procedure. While the majority of these procedures are completed without the slightest of complications, there are always risks, most of which are unseen at the time of the initial surgery.

From second-guessing the implant size to unforeseeable complications with the implants, breast implant revision and breast implant replacement are available to ensure that you walk away from your procedure with the results you desire.

If You Desire a Change in Size…

It can be difficult to determine your desired level of enhancement before seeing the final results. While you may think you know what size breasts you are interested in, there is always a possibility that a different size is better suited for your body type. Whether you feel like the implants you chose are too small, or if you think that larger implants get in the way of your activities or clothing options, you can choose to undergo revision or replacement to change the outcome of your implant.

If Your Breasts Change Over Time…

Many women choose to augment their breasts while they are still very young. While this can provide the benefit of enjoying your augmentation for a longer period of time, it can also create a need for revision surgery down the line as your breasts and implants change with pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, and aging. Breast revision surgery can return your breasts to their desired shape and size.

If You Experience Breast Implant Complications…

Breast revision surgery can address any potential issue that arises from your breast implants. The most common complications include:

Capsular Contracture

The result of scar tissue forming around and squeezing the implant. This is the most common complication with breast implants. While it can be a painful occurrence, it is easily treatable with breast revision surgery. In this procedure, the implant and troublesome scar tissue are removed, and the implant is replaced.

Implant Rupture or Deflation

This condition occurs in both saline and silicone implants. While implants are known to last upwards of 10 years, there is always a chance that something unexpected will arise. Implant rupture can be treated by removing the implant and any loose silicone material before cleaning the breast pocket and inserting a new implant.

Bottoming Out

This is the term used when the implant falls to the lower part of the breast. This is the result of breast pocket failure and can quickly be repaired with breast revision surgery.

If you are interested in having breast revision or replacement surgery, or if you would like to get more information on which procedure is right for your correction, contact Dr. Cohn’s office today at 205-590-9900.