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What to Know About Implant Revision and Replacement

Breast augmentation has been the most commonly desired and performed cosmetic enhancement procedure. While the majority of these procedures are completed without the slightest of complications, there are always risks, most of which are unseen at the time of the initial surgery. From second-guessing the implant size to unforeseeable complications with the implants, breast implant […]

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Why Would Someone Want Smaller Breasts?

Many women are unsatisfied with their breast size and wish they had larger, fuller breasts. However, overly large breasts can cause a myriad of problems. Women who suffer emotionally and physically as a result of their naturally large breasts can undergo breast reduction surgery. Others may have had breast augmentation surgery but experience complications or […]

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Should I Get My Breast Implants Replaced?

The breasts are important to most women, as they help define their femininity. It is no surprise that breast augmentation remains the most popular plastic surgery procedure. Years after getting breast implants, many breast augmentation patients may be questioning whether or not they should consider a revision. Most breast augmentation patients know there is a […]

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