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Plastic Surgery for Men
in Birmingham, AL

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Male Plastic Surgery

Many people incorrectly assume that cosmetic surgery is only reserved for women. In fact, aesthetic surgical procedures provide the same benefits to men in terms of self-confidence and self-esteem, with predictable, safe, and highly satisfying results that address a variety of concerns and considerations. This realization continues to be a driving cause for greater numbers of men considering plastic surgery to help them look and feel their best.

Issues and considerations for men that address scar concealment while respecting the masculine form are important. Males have important anatomic differences that need to be thought through to ensure that their surgical results are not feminized, and male aesthetic surgery can be more “unforgiving” due to the male’s likelihood and desire to consider bare-chest exposure in public settings.

Dr. Cohn is a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience performing male plastic surgery. Below are some of the male procedures he offers.

Breast Reduction for Men

Gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction) reduces the size of over-developed male breasts. Male breasts can enlarge due to weight gain, hormone imbalances, or genetic factors. Men whose breasts have grown to produce contour and aesthetic concerns, despite efforts at diet or exercise, are good candidates for consideration of this procedure. Because male breast tissue usually includes both components of fat and glandular tissue, often traditional weight loss efforts are not able to completely address this excess.

Male breast reduction surgery may include removal of excessive fatty tissue via liposuction and/or direct excision of glandular breast tissue, depending on the patient’s individualized anatomic needs. Liposuction access incisions are usually made in very inconspicuous locations to allow for minimal scarring and are also commonly placed along the border of the lower nipple/areola to allow for gland removal and maximization of contour correction, as needed. This procedure can provide a more toned and masculine-looking chest with minimal scarring and recovery.

Most men will be cleared to return to work within a week or two, but it may take up to six weeks before patients are cleared to resume vigorous exercise.

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Male Body Turso

Liposuction for Men

Liposuction treatments for men remove unwanted fat pockets from various areas of the body, commonly along the lower abdomen or waist (love handles). This surgical procedure can help men achieve a leaner and more toned appearance that can be challenging to achieve with diet and exercise alone.

Liposuction in male patients involves small, single-stitch incisions in well-positioned locations that allow surgical access to the targeted treatment areas. Your plastic surgeon will then insert a series of small tubes/cannulas to break up and suction out excess fat cells. Twilight or general anesthesia may be used depending on the extent of the procedure.

Most patients predictably return to work within two to five days. It may take several weeks for swelling to subside and for your surgeon to clear you for vigorous activities.

Liposuction can help toning and contouring the body but it should not be considered as an alternative to weight loss, where/when indicated.

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Neck Lift for Men

Male neck lift surgery can help men have a more youthful and toned jawline, lower face, and neck angle by contouring and removing excess skin and fat on the neck and jowl region. Muscle laxity along the floor of the neck, along with changes in skin laxity and excess neck fat, can worsen over time and produce undesirable aging along this visible region in a manner that can be very bothersome to many men. A neck lift may correct these concerns.

A male neck lift involves incisions behind the ears and commonly includes a small incision just below the chin (submental incision) to allow for access to some of the deeper neck work that is commonly done. These incisions allow your plastic surgeon to tighten the laxity that has occured along the neck muscles, reduce bulk, and optimize contour.

Patients may need to take between three days and two weeks away from work and their day-to-day activities to allow for their recovery.

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Tummy Tuck for Men

Male tummy tuck surgery can help men who have lost significant weight and struggle with sagging abdominal tissue.

A male tummy tuck will typically involve an incision along your lower abdomen (lower than waist line to allow for clothing concealment) that will vary in length depending on the amount of skin excess that is anticipated to be removed. This operation can reduce excess fat and sagging skin and help repair stretched abdominal muscles.

Most patients will need between two and six weeks off work and their usual activities to recover from their tummy tuck. Final results should become visible over several months as swelling fades and the new tighter abdominal contours are revealed.

Patients should understand that this is not a treatment for obesity nor an alternative to natural weight loss.

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Other Surgical Options

Dr. Cohn offers a variety of other plastic surgery options, including body contouring procedures and facial enhancement procedures for male patients who are interested.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plastic Surgery for Men

  • The cost of plastic surgery will vary depending on the procedure you select and the amount of time needed in the operating room to provide you with a safe and predictable result. Generally speaking, more extensive procedures or combined procedures will cost more. However, operations that can safely combine several procedures do provide a cost savings compared to getting each procedure done separately.

  • Male plastic surgery has become very popular, and there is no indication that will change. Cosmetic surgery for men is a very common choice for many who seek to improve their appearance and help them feel better about themselves in their workplace and their social life.

  • While plastic surgery is not a replacement for diet and exercise, male body contouring procedures can help you define and enhance the appearance of your abdominal muscles.