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Face Procedures
in Birmingham, AL

Facial Procedures

Dr. Cohn offers several facial procedures to address the aging face and correct the factors that cause unnatural and unflattering appearances. Patients seeking restored youthfulness, defined contours, or volume in the face can find success with his expertise. Whether surgical or non-surgical, each facial procedure is designed to rejuvenate and accentuate your finest, most flattering characteristics.

BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dermal Fillers

BOTOX® Cosmetic injections have the ability to freeze the muscles in the face that are responsible for wrinkles, fine lines, forehead creases, and crow’s feet. Unmatched in its ability to block these nerve impulses, BOTOX® Cosmetic has remained the leading injectable option for its ability to restore smoother skin and a fresher appearance. Dr. Cohn also offers the newest injectable toxin, Jeuveau®.

Other facial injectables are also available, giving you the ability to restore lip volume and fullness with injectables like Restylane Kysse™ and JUVEDERM VOLBELLA® or reduce the appearance of nasolabial folds and restore the apple to your cheeks with injectables like JUVÉDERM® and RADIESSE®. With at least six different injectables available, patients can feel comfortable knowing they will be receiving high-quality results.


Facelift surgery improves visible signs of aging by correcting sagging skin, lax tissue, and excess fatty deposits. Facelift surgery has become one of the most prolific aesthetic surgeries to date as more people are living longer and desire to look as good as they feel. Additionally, advancements in plastic surgery technologies and techniques have allowed surgeons to produce more natural-looking results and conservative outcomes for patients that want to look like themselves, only younger. Facelift techniques can be adjusted for multiple reasons, producing moderate to extensive corrections to the facial tissues, even allowing patients to combine their treatment with a neck lift.

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Neck Lift

Known for eliminating the infamous “turkey neck” and “double chin,” a neck lift is an essential treatment for patients looking to see their neck restored to its youthful appearance. The smooth appearance in your neck can often get lost in the thinning and aging of the skin. A combination of this poor skin quality and the accumulation of fat can easily detract from your face’s youthfulness, making you look much older than you are.

Thankfully, our doctors can solve all these problems by removing excess skin and fatty tissue to create a smooth, taut look. Those interested in the modern advancements of a neck lift should also be aware that neck liposuction can be used to remove excess fat from under the chin and on the neck. Neck liposuction can be performed alone or combined with a traditional neck lift. A neck lift can also be paired with a facelift for even more powerful results.

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Often described as the cornerstone of aesthetic harmony, the nose has been admired for centuries as one of the primary influencers on how we construct beauty. Fortunately, the advancements of modern rhinoplasty give surgeons complete control over one of the most eye-catching and noticeable features, the nose. Our doctors can adjust the size, shape, and symmetry of the nose, refining and reconstructing each aspect with your unique beauty standards.

Dr. Cohn can also assist patients experiencing problems breathing, correcting the function of nasal passages that are bent or disproportionate. In turn, breathing is less challenging, giving patients the freedom to enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle. Our doctors can also remedy breathing issues in many other ways, by either straightening the septum or resculpting the nasal passages.

  • Similar to the eyelid lift in its ability to restore range of expression, the brow lift (forehead lift) can make substantial transformations to the brow and forehead area, correcting wrinkles and fine lines that would otherwise make someone look angry, unrested, or simply not themselves. A brow lift can help patients return their facial expressions to a more authentic and youthful state. Our doctors will reposition low or sagging eyebrows, minimize creases in the forehead or to the area between the brows to give patients harmony and balance in their face.

  • The eyelid lift is a wonderful procedure for patients who suffer from puffy or sagging skin around the eyes. This laxity can be so severe that it makes a person appear tired, angry, sad, worn-out, or older than they really are. As our eyelids age, they can even droop to the point where they affect your appearance and impair your vision. Dr. Cohn uses specialized techniques for the upper, lower, or inner lower eyelid.

    By improving the tightness surrounding the eyelids and removing the fat deposits that cause puffiness, patients can experience a brighter-looking, more energetic appearance that captures the essence of youthfulness.

  • Perfect for those looking for a more natural solution to their volume loss, deflation, or lack of fullness. Fat grafting offers long-lasting plumpness and shapeliness in the lips, face, and body. More permanent than injectable fillers, fat grafting is a flexible treatment that uses purified fat to improve definition and fill out sunken areas in the skin. Have an area of your body you want to look more slender? Liposuction can be used in these areas to harvest fat. Grafted fat can even be added to the hands to give them a more youthful appearance.

  • Underdeveloped, deformed, or overly prominent ears can be corrected. Thanks to current otoplasty techniques and the professional artistry of plastic surgeons like Dr. Cohn, correcting the shape, size, position, and projection of your ears is possible. Different ear abnormalities, such as cauliflower ear, cupped ear, and lop ear, can be corrected by transforming the cartilage to a more appropriate and natural ear shape. Earlobes that are overstretched can also be addressed, allowing patients to reconstruct earlobes that would otherwise not return to their natural shape. The human ear is a unique aspect of one’s physical anatomy, making otoplasty a personalized treatment for all ages.