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Dr. Cohn is skilled in providing a variety of breast surgery procedures with the goal of restoring or enhancing your appearance. Use the links below to explore options for cosmetic breast surgery including breast reduction and breast implant revision, plus options for breast reconstruction designed for women who have suffered injury to or loss of one or more breasts due to illness.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery Procedures

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Cosmetic breast enhancement can alleviate your concerns about the size and shape of your breasts. You may choose breast implants to balance your breasts, to improve their contour, or to increase the overall proportions of your breasts.

Breast enlargement surgery with Birmingham plastic surgeon Dr. Cohn might also be right for you if larger breasts would complement your figure and make it easier to attractively fit your favorite clothing. For a breast enlargement procedure, Birmingham plastic surgeon Dr. Cohn will guide you as you select the type, style, and size of breast implants to meet your needs.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Plastic Surgery

Time, gravity, and physical factors such as pregnancy, nursing, and weight gain or loss all contribute to the problem of sagging breasts. These factors, alone or combined, can lead to a loss of skin elasticity. The skin can no longer support the higher, firmer breast profile you would like to have.

Breast lift, or mastopexy performed by Birmingham plastic surgeon Dr. Cohn can surgically raise and reshape your breasts. This procedure can also include a reduction in the size of the areola. Many women in the Birmingham combine breast implants with a breast lift, to increase the size of their breasts.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Women often choose a breast reduction procedure with Birmingham plastic surgeon Dr. Cohn to alleviate uncomfortable or painful symptoms caused by the excessive weight of large breasts. Though breast reduction surgery can be performed at nearly any age, Dr. Cohn generally recommends postponing any procedure until your breasts are fully developed.

A breast reduction procedure with plastic surgeon Dr. Cohn is an opportunity to have breasts that are proportional to the rest of your body. Patients find that clothes fit you better. Self-confidence and your sense of attractiveness can also be enhanced by breast reduction plastic surgery.

Birmingham Breast Implant Revision Surgery

You might consider breast implant revision with Dr. Cohn if you have already had a breast augmentation yet want smaller or larger breasts now. Revision of your breast augmentation may also be advised if your implants are rippled, are too hard, or are unequal. Through a breast implant revision procedure, Dr. Cohn’s goal for you is natural looking, symmetrical breasts.

Ask Dr. Cohn

During your personal consultation for a cosmetic breast procedure, Birmingham plastic surgeon Dr. Cohn will explain the techniques available to achieve your goals. He will also discuss how to prepare for your surgery, which procedures will be used and the recovery process.

Additional Details about Breast Surgery Procedures: