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Cosmetic Breast Surgery Procedures

Dr. Cohn’s years of experience allow us to offer a variety of breast enhancement procedures for women and men for any need, goal, or restoration required. Whether you are a woman looking to enhance her confidence or a man seeking help with breast reduction, Cohn Plastic Surgery ensures that the patient has the power of choice when deciding which breast surgery is right for them.

Breast Augmentation

Perhaps you wish to change the size, asymmetry, or overall contour of your breasts. A breast augmentation surgery can help you realize your goals. This enhancement procedure is designed to help you find the fullness, shapeliness, and symmetry in your breasts that you desire. Implants are available in a wide array of options, ranging from silicone to saline, smooth to textured, and round to anatomically shaped.

You may be surprised to find out that there are even different choices in incision sites complimentary to the implant type and design intentions of the surgery. No matter the incision choice, Dr. Cohn ensures minimal visibility of any scarring, allowing you to enjoy the newfound appearance of your breasts at their peak form.

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Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery reverses the signs of aging in breasts that no longer support themselves. Breast lift surgery (mastopexy) the ideal procedure for candidates looking to combat gravity, time, and loss of elasticity in the skin. Additional features of this procedure that make it advantageous are its ability to be paired with other breast procedures like breast augmentation or breast reduction.

Breast lift surgery is often performed with incision techniques that compliment the shape of the breast and conceal the resulting scars from any inspecting eyes. Techniques and incision patterns include the periareolar lift, lollipop lift, and anchor lift. These techniques can reposition the nipple-areolar complex or correct areola size for a more alluring quality. By repositioning your tissue and removing excess skin, a more natural and youthful contour is developed.

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Breast Surgery Procedures

  • Breast reconstruction restores a patient’s feminine physique and emotional health following breast cancer treatment or other trauma. This procedure allows women an improved self-image by providing a safe, effective, and therapeutic restoration of the breast’s original shape and size before the trauma, condition, or injury. Breast reconstruction’s comprehensive measures battle several issues for patients with additional medical conditions that may, for example, cause unnatural healing or asymmetry in the breasts.

    Upon consultation, Dr. Cohn will be able to provide all reconstructive options tailored to your specific set of needs to aid in healing and restore your body. His extensive experience with an array of breast reconstruction techniques puts your personal goals, concerns, and medical history first.

  • Breast reduction surgery is optimal for women looking to re-proportion their cumbersome breasts and offset the painful symptoms caused by the heaviness of large breasts. Cohn Plastic Surgery patients find that clothes fit better and that their more balanced attributes give them renewed self-confidence. Breast reduction procedures involve the removal of excess breast tissue and fat to produce a more proportionate set of breasts that allow you to live a more active and fulfilled life.

    With early results visible soon after surgery, Dr. Cohn guards the integrity of your natural shape while providing you with a breast size for a more convenient and freeing lifestyle.

  • For some women, their initial implant choice fits all of their cosmetic desires; however, some women discover—either initially or years down the line—that they are no longer pleased with the size or shape of their implants. Breast implant replacement allows women to exchange the implants they have for ones of a different size, shape, or filling material.

  • Despite breast implants being long lasting, the majority of women with breast implants will need to undergo one or more additional surgeries over the course of her lifetime. This is because breast implants are not designed to last forever and can experience complications such as capsular contracture, implant rupture, or implant displacement. Women who are also seeking smaller or larger breasts after an initial breast augmentation may consider breast implant revision if they did not find the results they wanted in a previous procedure.

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Procedures for Men

Breast Reduction – Male

Breast reduction is not only for women. More men are seeking breast reduction to combat medical conditions like gynecomastia—the unwanted fat that develops in a man’s breast region. Men interested in breast reduction are looking to eliminate sagging, drooping, and a feminine appearance associated with an overdeveloped breast area in hopes of a more masculine and toned physique.

Performed with liposuction, surgical excision, or a combination of both, male breast reduction provides patients with flatter chests and more toned pectoral muscles. If you are a man seeking to reclaim and revitalize a disproportionate chest, then breast reduction surgery may be exactly what you need.

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