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Tummy Tuck
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Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck provides men and women the opportunity to regain a slim and slender midsection. Seen as the focal point of a beautiful figure, a slim tummy can be difficult to maintain. Genetics, aging, and major life events, such as pregnancy and major weight loss, can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of the body. Changes like sagging skin, lax abdominal muscles, and even small pockets of fat can be resistant to healthy eating and consistent physical activity.

If a healthy lifestyle has not been effective in achieving your desired figure, tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, can effectively address these physical concerns. By removing excess skin that sags around the tummy and tightening loose muscles, Dr. Cohn will improve the look of the midsection and restore youthful, attractive contours.

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Tummy Tuck Procedures

  • Less invasive than the other options, a mini tummy tuck is performed through a single incision at the bikini line that can be easily concealed under a bathing suit. This procedure is most appropriate for patients looking to correct sagging skin in the area below the navel. Typically, postpartum women are ideal candidates.

    Dr. Cohn will make the incision and tighten the skin downward. He will smooth and drape the skin, ensuring that the contours look natural. If some muscle tightening is needed, he will use permanent sutures to shift the abdominal muscles back into their original position.

  • The most common type of abdominoplasty, a full tummy tuck, focuses on the entire abdominal area. Two incisions are necessary; one is made around the belly button, and the other is made along the lower abdomen. The locations of the incisions mean that scarring may not be as easily concealed, but the full tummy tuck can provide more dramatic results. It’s appropriate for many patients, including postpartum women, those who have achieved significant weight loss, and those whose stomach areas have been affected by genetics and aging.

    Dr. Cohn will make both incisions in order to remove skin from both the lower and upper abdomen, continuously smoothing and draping the skin against the contours of the stomach. Muscle tightening can occur as necessary.

  • An extended tummy tuck is a much more intensive procedure that addresses skin sagging not only in the abdominal area but also around the hips. The incision is longer than the full tummy tuck and extends around the hips and potentially onto the patient’s lower back. A second incision around the navel is used to address excess skin in the upper abdomen and to create the appearance of a new belly button.

    Dr. Cohn will have greater ability to tighten the skin evenly across the stomach and hips with a large incision. It is necessary if there is a lot of skin that needs to be removed.

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Prior to booking a tummy tuck, Dr. Cohn will schedule a consultation in his Birmingham Alabama office to review your treatment goals and determine which type of procedure is most appropriate for you. He will first review your medical history. It’s important to provide all the requested information, as it may determine whether a specific procedure is more appropriate than another and helps to ensure the best possible results. Then, Dr. Cohn will examine the treatment site and take photographs for the records of your procedure. After this, he will have a better understanding of what the scope of your procedure will be. He will share his determination with you and provide you with information regarding the steps of the procedure, including your options regarding anesthesia, incision, and the type of tummy tuck he feels is most appropriate. Before you leave, Dr. Cohn will provide you with preoperative care instructions, what your recovery will look like, and how soon you may see full results.


Every patient recovers differently. However, the first few days after surgery, it is normal to experience some swelling, bruising, and mild discomfort. Pain can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication. Light activities may be resumed after those first days, but you should still take care not to over-exert yourself. More strenuous activities should be avoided until Dr. Cohn clears you.

Paying attention to your postoperative care instructions is important. Your recovery will be shorter and easier if you carefully follow the instructions given to you after your surgery. You will find that your swelling and bruising will subside more quickly, your incision will heal better, and you lower your risk of infection. Dr. Cohn will also provide instructions regarding pain management and follow-up care.


There is always a possibility of permanent scarring, but following your postoperative care instructions will help to minimize them. The size of the scar is directly related to the size of the incision, so your potential scarring is related to the type of tummy tuck procedure you have. A mini tummy tuck is done through a single incision at the bikini line, so your scarring will be minimal and easily concealed should it not fade completely. A traditional tummy tuck includes two incisions, one around the navel and the other in the pelvic area. An extended tummy tuck has an incision that wraps around to the hips as well as an incision around the navel that results in the appearance of a new belly button.


There is no pain during the procedure itself, as it is performed under anesthesia. There will be some postoperative discomfort and pain, but this can be managed with medication. In the weeks following your procedure, you may still feel some discomfort, but this will gradually subside. Extreme or concerning pain should be brought to the attention of our office.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A tummy can absolutely be performed with additional procedures. While most cosmetic procedures can be done at the same time, a tummy tuck is typically done in tandem with liposuction. A tummy tuck removes excess skin and tightens the underlying muscles. If there are large pockets of fat under the skin, that falls outside the scope of a tummy tuck, and liposuction must be performed before the skin is draped and contoured.

  • The results of your tummy tuck are generally permanent as long as you care for your body and do not have any major shifts in weight. Weight loss can cause the skin to sag again, and weight gain can cause the skin to stretch. It is advised to have a tummy tuck when you are close to your ideal weight and are done having children.

  • Dr. Cohn’s office is located in Birmingham, Alabama, but he sees a variety of patients from many different areas.

  • All surgical procedures have associated risks. Tummy tuck risks include:

    • Infection
    • Fluid retention
    • Bleeding
    • Scarring
    • Anesthesia reaction
    • Numbness
    • Skin discoloration
  • You should be taking it easy for up to the first week after your procedure. You are likely to be experiencing swelling, bruising, and some pain. Though light activities are okay to resume, you should avoid heavy lifting. Assistance may be needed for cooking or cleaning. You should rest in bed for a few days, and have assistance if you have children that need hands-on care.

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