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The Most Important Questions You Need to Ask About Mommy Makeover Surgery

6 Minute Read:  A Mommy Makeover is a comprehensive solution for many of the cosmetic issues women face after pregnancy and childbirth. Motherhood is a beautiful experience, enriching lives with priceless memories and magical moments; however, the ramifications of excess fat, muscle expansion, and tissue stretching can alter your body in unimaginable ways. Dr. Cohn’s […]

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3 Reasons to Replace Your Damaged Breast Implants

2 Min Read Implant complications can arise at any time following your breast augmentation.  These complications can include: Capsular contracture—a condition in which scar tissue hardens around and begins to squeeze the implant  Implant rupture—a situation where the silicone shell of a saline or silicone implant weakens and tears, allowing the contents of the implant […]

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What Increases Your Risk Factors After Plastic Surgery?

3 min read Plastic surgery safety has grown by leaps and bounds over recent decades. Patients can and should go into their procedure with the confidence that everything will turn out just as they expect. But on rare occasions, complications do occur. The most common complications following a surgical procedure are bleeding, infection, blood clots, […]

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