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What Contributes to Male Breasts?

2 Minute Read:  Some men have excessive breast tissue that mimics the shape and projection of a female breast. Often patients seeking a solution to this physical issue are very self-conscious. They relay that it impacts their self-confidence, ability to enjoy certain recreational activities, and even physical intimacy. That is why many men who develop […]

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Top Plastic Surgery Procedures for Men in Birmingham, AL

5 Minute Read:  TABLE OF CONTENTS: What Surgical Options Are Available for Men? What Are Good Combinations for Plastic Surgery? Why Are More Men Getting Plastic Surgery? How Can Plastic Surgery Benefit Men? Which Plastic Surgeon Is Right For Me?Plastic surgery has been historically regarded as something for women. However, that perception has been changing […]

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Men Can Have Boobs Too!

The female body feature that men can’t stop looking at can be the same body flaw a male is too embarrassed to show off: breasts! That’s right; men can have boobs too! Although rarely discussed, excess breast tissue on a man is a characteristic of gynecomastia (overly large male breasts). Male breasts can be unflattering […]

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