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What Contributes to Male Breasts?

Posted January 18, 2021 in Gynecomastia, Male Breast Reduction

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Some men have excessive breast tissue that mimics the shape and projection of a female breast. Often patients seeking a solution to this physical issue are very self-conscious. They relay that it impacts their self-confidence, ability to enjoy certain recreational activities, and even physical intimacy. That is why many men who develop breasts seek effective ways to achieve a masculine appearance. 

Close-up image of man's chest showing his gynecomastia.

Before looking for a solution to male breasts, it is essential to learn what causes unwanted excess.

What Are Male Breasts?

Male breasts are a common condition among men of all ethnicities. It is prevalent among obese men but has various other causes. Also known as gynecomastia, the situation occurs when men develop excess glandular breast tissue, which protrudes and looks more feminine than masculine. 

Pseudogynecomastia is when a patient has excess localized fat deposits under and around the nipple, causing the nipple to protrude. Some men only have this issue without excess breast tissue.

Fortunately, you can correct both surgically.

How Do Male Breasts Form?

The common cause of male breast is hormone changes, especially during adolescence and old age. Taking specific medication can also change hormone levels and balance, resulting in more estrogen or low testosterone. 

Other causes of male breasts include using anabolic steroids, weight gain, and obesity. You can also inherit male breasts along with other characteristics from your father, grandfather, and other males in your family.

What Are My Options for Reducing Male Breasts?

Both gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia can be devastating to your mental and emotional wellness. If your male breasts are bothering you, there are two main procedures you can consider for instant correction:

  • Breast reduction – This procedure is recommended when your condition is caused by excess glandular breast tissue. Male breast reduction involves making small incisions to surgically remove the excess tissue and tighten the skin. Removing tissue also reduces the size of the male breasts.
  • Fat removal – If your male breast is due to fat buildup, liposuction (either alone or in combination with tissue excision) can remove the excess fat by suctioning it out. For men interested in liposuction to treat their gynecomastia, they need to ensure that the cause of their male breast is fat and their skin elasticity is good.

Interested in Learning More?

Are you looking for a top plastic surgery procedure to correct male breasts?

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