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Is Morpheus8™ an Alternative to a Traditional Facelift?

Posted April 05, 2023 in Facelift, Morpheus8™

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There’s no shortage of cosmetic procedures that can rejuvenate your face and body and give you a younger, more defined appearance. Everything from non-surgical treatments like injectable fillers and HydraFacial® treatments to plastic surgery procedures like facelift surgery can effectively contour your features to help you look and feel your absolute best. And one of the most advanced skin treatments is Morpheus8™. 

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Below, we’ll explore this revolutionary treatment to help you better understand why Morpheus8™ may be your best option.

What Is Morpheus8™?

Morpheus8™ isn’t just another skin treatment. This advanced treatment combines two of the most effective non-surgical methods and technologies (microneedling and radiofrequency) to rejuvenate and restore your skin’s natural qualities. 

Microneedling is a treatment that has been around for years, and it rejuvenates the skin by creating micro-injuries that prompt the body to heal itself. 

Microneedling (also known as collagen induction therapy) works by stimulating collagen and elastin production (proteins responsible for the skin’s strength, health, and elasticity). 

By adding radiofrequency (RF) energy to the microneedling process with Morpheus8™, collagen and elastin production is stimulated more directly and in deeper layers of the skin. 

How Does Morpheus8™ Compare to Non-surgical Treatments?

While every non-surgical treatment we offer helps patients achieve many of their cosmetic goals, what sets Morpheus8™ apart from many other treatments is its versatility. 

Many of the non-surgical procedures available only treat specific areas of the body (usually the face); however, Morpheus8™ can be used on the face, neck, chest, abdomen, arms, legs, and buttocks. 

Additionally, Morpheus8™ can effectively address several aesthetic concerns, including wrinkles and fine lines, sun damage, skin laxity, acne scars, and stretch marks. Morpheus8™ has even been shown to reduce fat pockets, creating both a slimming and tightening effect.

In this sense, Morpheus8™ can be a one-stop solution for many patients.

How Does Morpheus8™ Compare to Surgical Treatments?

When people think of cosmetic improvements to the face, they tend to think of facelift surgery. And there’s no doubt about it: a facelift can transform your aged facial appearance. 

With a facelift, the underlying facial tissue and muscles are tightened and lifted, excess and sagging skin is removed, and the remaining skin is pulled tight to give patients a more youthful and contoured facial aesthetic. However, some patients don’t need to undergo a surgical procedure to get the results they want. 

For these patients, Morpheus8™ can be a great alternative to surgery. Like a facelift, Morpheus8™ can reduce the appearance of sagging skin in the neck, chin, and jowls to help women and men look and feel younger than they have in years.

When Is Morpheus8™ the Right Choice?

Morpheus8™ offers patients stunning results that can increase confidence and comfort; however, it is not the best option for everyone. 

While Morpheus8™ can tighten skin on the lower face (as well as other places of the body), it is only effective for patients with mild to moderate skin laxity. This means that it cannot effectively treat patients who struggle with severely sagging skin. Surgical procedures like a facelift would be more appropriate for these patients. 

Additionally, surgical results will be longer lasting than Morpheus8™, which may require several treatments to achieve the desired result and annual maintenance treatments.

If you think you may be a candidate for Morpheus8™, schedule your consultation at Cohn Plastic Surgery today. 

We will be able to evaluate your condition to determine whether Morpheus8™ is appropriate or if a different non-surgical or surgical procedure would better serve you. 

Want to Learn More About Morpheus8™ in Birmingham, AL?

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