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Because  Cohn Plastic Surgery, is invested in optimizing your safety and results, you need to be aware of the impact smoking has on your surgical outcome.

Smoking impairs the blood circulation to the skin and other tissues.  During plastic surgery, alterations in blood flow occur during procedures where there is undermining of skin flaps or your skin is significantly tightened or altered.

Nicotine and carbon monoxide cause constriction of blood vessels which, subsequently causes a decrease in overall blood flow.  Nicotine can also cause blood to clot, within these smaller, constricted vessels which further impacts healing with the possibility for devastating complications.

During procedures like abdominoplasty, breast reductions and facelifts, the blood supply is altered more substantially than in procedures like liposuction, fat grafting or breast augmentation.  As a result, smokers are at much higher risk for complications from those type procedures.

We want you to have a fantastic outcome!  Dr. Cohn can assist you with nicotine cessation and surgical planning to help ensure you have the best result possible.