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Body Contouring after Major Weight Loss

Posted February 17, 2014 in Alabama Cosmetic Surgery, Alabama Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery Alabama, Plastic Surgery Birmingham

So, you have had a major weight loss either by diet and exercise or, by weight loss surgery but now you have a new dilemma, excess skin.

First, CONGRATULATIONS!!  Weight Loss is not an easy journey and you deserve a pat on the back!  Not only are you feeling better but you are also reaping the rewards of better health.

Now, let’s talk about dealing with the excess skin.  The majority of patients find  that their skin undergoes permanent changes in elasticity preventing it from “shrinking back” completely.  This excess skin can cause both functional (i.e. rashes, skin breakdown) and cosmetic concerns, depending on the location of the excess skin.  In most cases, body contouring procedures are able to address these types of issues.

Body Contouring will redefine your body proportions, as well as, your self image.  Most patients find that body contouring is a major motivator to sustaining their weight loss.

Over the next few weeks we will blog more information regarding the following questions concerning body contouring.

1. Are you a good candidate for body contouring?

2. What are the key questions to ask your plastic surgeon?

3. What types of procedures are commonly used in body contouring?

If you have questions concerning body contouring or want to schedule a body contouring consultation please give the office a call at 205-590-9900.  Dr. Cohn is a board certified plastic surgeon.  Also, be sure to come back to our blog for more information.