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Posted February 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

Creating Symmetry by Reshaping Your Nose

Physical attractiveness is an elusive thing, one which no two people are likely to agree on exactly. However, psychological research has shown that most people tend to perceive faces that are symmetrical as more beautiful, regardless of the other physical traits in a person that they find attractive. In other words, whether you’re into blond hair or dark, large features or delicate ones, you’re much more likely to find someone attractive if there are few variations between the two sides of their face.

The Basics of Facial Symmetry

Several studies have noted that a high degree of facial symmetry has many positive connotations related to a person’s appearance. It influences how physically attractive a person seems, how youthful their appearance is, and how genetically fit they are perceived. No one – not even cover models and acting heart-throbs – have perfectly symmetrical faces. Everyone has slight variations between the two halves of their face, and indeed that is for the best. In a study in which a computer program was used to create perfectly symmetrical faces, participants found the results more unsettling than attractive.

Cosmetic Surgery to Create Symmetry

One of the most common reasons you might be considering getting rhinoplasty is in the service of creating symmetry by reshaping your nose. Rhinoplasty makes it fairly easy to straighten out a crooked nose or reshape nostrils that are two different sizes. Even a minor reshaping of the nose can create a completely different look and give you a much needed boost in self-confidence. The nose is the focal point of the face, and changing it completely changes the proportions of the face, creating not just a more symmetrical or shapely nose, but also an overall appearance that is more attractive.
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