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Posted May 30, 2015 in Alabama Cosmetic Surgery, Alabama Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery Alabama, Plastic Surgery Birmingham

Plastic surgery is extremely popular today. In fact, there has been a 37 percent increase in the number of procedures performed since the year 2000. This increase can be attributed to better technology, faster recovery times, and more. Many of the procedures available are performed by plastic surgeons in the South including Dr. Cohn in Birmingham, AL. Regardless of where you live, the following are three advantages to visiting a plastic surgeon in the South.

1 – Better Bedside Manner

Plastic surgeons in the South are known for their compassion and their positive bedside manner. Compared to other surgeons throughout the world, these doctors tend to be more caring. Since cosmetic surgery can be scary and intimidating, working with a compassionate doctor can provide you with peace of mind. Together you can make informed decisions about what is right for your body.

2 – More Time With the Doctor

Because these doctors are compassionate, they often spend more time with each patient. They try to make sure each individual is comfortable with their decisions. In addition, they want patients to be happy with the overall results. If you are having plastic surgery, you will appreciate the face time you receive from your doctor. This can help ease your uncertainties and calm your fears during this time in your life.

3 – Not as Fast Paced

Many of the big city doctors work in fast paced environments. They tend to rush patients in and out of their office. If you are not a fan of the big city environment, then choosing to see Dr. Cohn in Birmingham is a good idea. You will feel less like a task that the doctor needs to check off of his or her list. Instead, you are likely to enjoy a more personal and professional relationship with your surgeon.

For the great results and an even better experience during your next cosmetic procedure, contact Dr. Cohn in Birmingham, AL.