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Smaller Breasts for a Better Fit

Posted December 27, 2016 in Breast Reduction

The breasts are important to a woman. The look and shape of the breasts may define how she feels about her body. Large, round breasts are an ideal trait many women desire. However, there is such a thing as breasts that are too big. Some women may have breasts that are overly large and pendulous, which may create the facade of abnormal breasts. When the breasts are disproportionate to the rest of the female figure, they can cause clothing to fit in an unflattering way and appear awkward on the body.

Large Breasts Can Be Painful!

On top of creating unappealing aesthetics, large breasts can be painful and uncomfortable. Many women who suffer from overly large, drooping breasts complain about back, neck, and shoulder pain. Often, the only way to alleviate the physical and emotional discomfort from pendulous breasts is to undergo surgery. Breast reduction surgery, or reduction mammaplasty, is a procedure designed to help a woman achieve smaller breasts that are complementary to her entire body and more fitting for her wardrobe preferences. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast reduction surgery is found to improve the physical and mental well-being of a woman.

The Breast Reduction Procedure

Before and After Breast ReductionBreast reduction surgery involves the removal of excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin to create a breast size that is more proportionate to the body. Two different types of incisions can be utilized during breast reduction surgery: a keyhole (racquet-shaped) incision pattern or an inverted-T (anchor-shaped) incision pattern. The nipples may need to relocated for those with pendulous breasts. Dr. Cohn can evaluate your breasts and goals to help you decide on the correct technique for your individualized breast reduction procedure.

Am I a good candidate for breast reduction surgery?

During an initial consultation, Dr. Cohn will evaluate your physical and mental health. It is important that patients are in good health, do not have any pre-existing medical conditions, and have realistic expectations. An ideal candidate is a woman suffering from physical and emotional uneasiness due to her overly large breasts.

Often, the size of a woman’s breasts can affect her everyday life, including causing an inability to lead an active lifestyle because of the unbearable neck, back, and shoulder pain. After breast reduction surgery, a woman can follow a more normal lifestyle, including fitting into clothing better and participating in frequent exercise and activities.

To learn more about your breast reduction options, contact Dr. Cohn today! He is an experienced plastic surgeon who can help you alleviate the physical and emotional pain caused by pendulous breasts. Schedule your consultation by calling (205) 590-9900 or by filling out our online contact form.