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Creating Symmetry by Reshaping Your Nose Physical attractiveness is an elusive thing, one which no two people are likely to agree on exactly. However, psychological research has shown that most people tend to perceive faces that are symmetrical as more beautiful, regardless of the other physical traits in a person that they find attractive. In […]

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Procedures Commonly Performed in Body Contouring

Below are the types of procedures that are most commonly performed in Body Contouring.  Depending on your areas of concern, some or all of these procedures may need to be addressed. Breast Reduction/Lift A breast reduction can be performed on both female and male patients.  A male breast reduction is called gynocomastia.  A breast lift, […]

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Do You Smoke? Read This Before Cosmetic Surgery!

Because  Cohn Plastic Surgery, is invested in optimizing your safety and results, you need to be aware of the impact smoking has on your surgical outcome. Smoking impairs the blood circulation to the skin and other tissues.  During plastic surgery, alterations in blood flow occur during procedures where there is undermining of skin flaps or your skin […]

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